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Who We Are

Rupali Gupta started Gupta Architects in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is a registered architect eligible to practice in the EU and India . Her background as an architect, interior designer and urban designer means that we work at all scales with an interdisciplinary approach.

What We Do

The office works with a team of specialists depending up the needs of the project.The focus of our work is user centric concepts, innovation and 'achieving more with less.'

Why Choose Us

The office is specialised in niche work for a quality and design conscious clientÚle.


First Prize: BNA Young Architect of the Year Award, for VU Kinderstad
(Sponge Architects & Rupali Gupta i.s.m IOU Architecture)
Amsterdam Architecture: VU Kinderstad selected in 40 best buildings 2006-08 by Arcam
Runner up: The Amsterdam Smart City Challenge 2015, for Carbon Hero
(Team: Rupali Gupta, Charlotte Gieltes, Jennifer Gaskins)
Design Signature: Elegance, simplicity, nature and serenity in our projects.

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Smart City Challenge

An app Carbon Hero, that focuses on a community commitment to decrease vehicular usage by motivating citizens to walk and cycle short distances

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